Claire is a detail-oriented, client service-focused, and a truly valuable business partner. Having worked with her for a variety of years, I can say with confidence that you will not find better than CT Employment Law. Claire takes the time to educate clients on process, policy and compliance; taking a unique approach to employment law, considering the future and thinking of options from a ‘what if’ perspective so that potential risks are known, managed and mitigated.

Her unique approach predicts the likelihood of success, identifies potential challenges, and then manages them in a proactive manner to avoid any risk.

Claire is our primary employment law provider in the UK, as well as our immigration partner, having leveraged a variety of partners in the past, I will never again trust my company visitor visa or business visas without her – Her approach predicts how the home office will react and exactly how we should approach it. Claire thinks about it from the perspective of “if I worked for the home office, what would be unclear” and this approach means we can get ahead of everything. I’ve never had such a fast turnaround without her help. World-class service.

I could not recommend her highly enough. She has been incredibly flexible, outcome focused and a partner I can fully rely on to help us meet our strategic needs.

Craig van der Velden – Vice President | Anglepoint Group