Testimonials for employment law advice for employees

I never expected to be parting ways from my job three months after maternity leave, however an unworkable situation with a new line manager saw me leaving my company of three years with a settlement agreement.

Prior to this I had no idea settlement agreements even existed, as you can appreciate it was stressful and unpleasant, particularly given that we are amid a global pandemic.

Claire was recommended as my legal representation and I can honestly say she was my guiding light and ray of hope throughout the whole saga. She clearly and succinctly explained all my options and their potential outcomes. Once we decided on our best route Claire went in to bat on my behalf, not only securing me a far fairer deal, but ensuring the whole proceeding was far more palatable.

I am very grateful Claire managed to resolve this situation quickly, meaning I can now put it behind me and move forward.

SW | Private client