I have had the pleasure of working with Claire for 20 years. Claire has provided advice, guidance and support to the multi-million pound company I was working for and more recently has been supporting my HR Consultancy business with employment law advice. Discretion and trust is key to any operation or project we work on. Claire has dealt with many complex work issues, disciplinaries, employment tribunals and settlement agreements at a senior level with my previous employer and my clients. She is unfazed by obstacles, pressures, and demands that would justifiably phase others.

With the law constantly being updated as it reacts to the ever-changing economy, new technological advancements and verdicts on tribunal cases throughout the country, it can feel like a minefield. However, Claire communicates all aspects of employment law with empathy, an excellent grasp of the law and best practise and is a clear and commercially focused sounding board for the resolution of complex disputes and frustrations at all levels. She is not “stuffy” or overly technical and can explain complex issues in a straightforward way.

Claire’s work requires empathy, drive and the ability to work under pressure. Claire can do all of this and more, she is calm and composed, versatile, altruistic and above all trustworthy.

If your standard of representation is ‘legal excellence’, then Claire is your person!

Louise Stanton | HR Rooms